Who we are and what we do!

Our Mission

Provide an organized representation for businesses to undertake improvements, enhance city services and co-operatively market their businesses in an attempt to sustain and rejuvenate the area, while increasing each business’ portion of the market share.

For those of you not familiar with the BIZ, we are a merchants’ organization whose mandate is to create an environment in which our members can prosper.

  • Physical enhancement projects
  • Marketing
  • Crime prevention and safety initiatives

The BIZ also undertakes some initiatives in the area of business to business networking and economic development.All business owners within our boundaries are automatically members of the BIZ and contribute to the annual operating budget. Our boundaries extend from the Red River on the west side, Archibald Street on the east side, Goulet Street on the north side, and St. Mary’s Road to Carrière Street to the south.The BIZ prides itself on its exceptional reputation for working with the community to achieve mutually beneficial goals. An excellent example is our Annual Planting Party where community groups join us to plant our flowerbeds and planters.

Throughout this site you will learn about our current programs and services. As always, we welcome and appreciate your support of local businesses.

Our Board

Dan Carlson (Chair)
Norwood Hotel
122 Marion st
Ph: (204)235-6002
Sheila Damsel-Tan (Treasurer)
Di erbe
½-111 Marion St
Ph: (204)415-7888
Dan Louer
Scotia Bank
235 Marion St.
Ph: (204)985-3750
Corrine Shaw
119 Marion St
Ph: 204-944-5027 Ext 222
Councillor Matt Allard
City of Winnipeg- Councillor’s Office
510 Main st
Ph: (204)396-4636
Yvonne Kriskovici
Dream Day Decorating
560 Archibald St
Ph: (204)253-5208
Bill Feniuk
Comforts of Home Care
262 Marion St
Ph:(204) 949-3234

Alex Svenne
Bouchee Boucher
101-300 Tache Ave
Ph: (204)237-1530

Alain Dondo
Rivard Productions
354 Marion St
Ph: (204) 233-0694

New Board Members:

Corrine Shaw
119 Marion St
Ph: 204-944-5027 Ext 222


Martin Pasieczka
Neighbourhood Econ. Dev. Officer
Planning and Land Use Division
Design and Implementation Branch
15-30 Fort st.
Ph: (204)986-5247
Fax:(204) 986-7524


Jennifer Mathieson
Executive Director
Ph: (204)231-9373
Cell: (204)795-2161