Swords and Sabres 2015

Swords and Sabres logo

Swords and Sabres is an all-ages rain-or-shine pirate, steampunk, and renaissance event happening in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


  • Steampunk Cosplayers – Steampunk mixes science fiction, western, renaissance, and more. Take a look at these outstandingly constructed costumes and learn a little about how to make your own steampunk costume.
  • Costumes – Dozens of elegant steampunk, pirate, medieval, and renaissance costumers will be wandering the fairground throughout the day. Attendees are also encouraged to dress up and get in the spirit!
  • Merchant booths – Find cool things like swords, replica weaponry, medieval armor, steampunk accessories, and much more at our many booths.
  • Food – Delicious food will be available around the event.
  • Nerf Pirate ArenaLet your kids battle it out with swords and blunderbusses in a safe environment! The Pirate Arena allows kids to have a fun, authentic-feeling fight without any of the mess or tears.
  • Game Booths – Win great prizes at one of our game booths!

We’re now taking applications for space in 2015! E-mail us at jen@norwoodgrove.com if you’d like to take part!



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